Access to Legacy is by Invitation Only.
"I work with the most successful mavericks of business and high net worth 7+ figure families. I amplify their unique parenting style to elevate and unleash the inner genius of their children.
I empower these extraordinary people to raise the most exquisite humans and position them as the future leaders that humanity is demanding."


You are here because either one of your MOST trusted inner-circle have recommended me, or I have personally invited you.

To access my magical world without an invitation, please secure an audience with Cathy below.

I am thrilled that you are here.

I cordially invite you to nothing, 
and everything...

Nothing...because there is no one way to work with me, everything is bespoke. 
Everything...because when we co-create together, you get all of me and more...

Thank you so much for being here in this beautiful space. Legacy is by invitation only because of the intimate work that I channel for the incredible families that I co-create with. 

The families I serve are in the public eye, and are in positions of power and influence. It is paramount that discretion and the highest confidentiality is maintained at all times. What I provide to my families is intricate, intuitive, and grounded in deep ancient wisdom. I connect them to the depths of themselves, each other, and their Divine mission on this Earth's plane. 

The exchange between my clients and myself is so potent, that the financial investment is only one part of our alignment. The sanctity and depth of the relationships that are cultivated within the containers that I create are sacred. The willingness to invest financially is only one piece of the contract that we enter into together. 

This is why I only allow those into my magical world who have been invited in personally by myself, or by one of my sacred connections. 

If you feel drawn to this and want to connect with me but do not have a mutual connection who can introduce us, please do reach out to me and we can connect and explore the possibilities open to us. 

With my deepest love and respect, 
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